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Arranging a funeral

What to do after the funeral

Once a funeral has taken place there are further considerations to have think about such as what happens next, to the ashes? At the graveside? As well as other considerations of payment of the funeral, how to pay and what to do with insurances, social fund?

Costs & Payment

Funeral expenses generally take priority over other payments, and debts of a deceased's estate. 

  • Bank account may be frozen, unless it’s a joint account
  • A funeral account can be sent directly to the bank where payment will be made in full or in part contribution if in there are sufficient funds available

(contact your bank for further information).

Making contact with any insurance companies to let them know a loved one has died. They will advice on what they will need and the next steps before they are able to meet a claim for insurance.

Payments can be made from the social fund if you are in receipt of certain benefits which meets the criteria and if successful a contribution amount will be awarded towards the cost of the funeral. This can be applied for online or through a local social security office.

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