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Costs and payment

Funerals can be expensive. Check where the money for the funeral will come from, otherwise, if there is not enough money available, you may have to bear the cost yourself.

The Money and Possessions left by the Deceased

The cost for the funeral can be met by the following:

Reasonable funeral expenses take priority over other debts on the person’s estate. A bank account may be frozen, unless it is a joint account. However, if the funeral account is sent directly to the bank, most high street banks will release funds in payment, (or part payment if there are insufficient funds), of the funeral account. The bank manager will be able to explain this further.

There are other organisations who may release the money to you on the evidence of the death certificate if the overall value of the deceased’s estate is small and there are no complications. Amongst these are the Department for National Savings and Building Societies.

This may also enable the release of money to a needy beneficiary without having to await a formal legal decision.

Insurance Policies of the Deceased

Tell the insurance company as soon as possible. They will tell you exactly what documents they need before they can meet a claim for insurance. You should also check carefully the amount due to be paid before signing for any money.

Funeral Payments from the Social Fund

You may be able to get help if you or your partner are in receipt of certain benefits and it must be reasonable for you to have taken responsibility for the funeral expenses, but you should check with your local Social Security Office, as this will depend on circumstances.

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