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How to write a eulogy

Elderly man reading at a funeralTo be given the task of delivering a eulogy is really an honor hence the responsibility of providing a clear and positive picture of the person you will be talking about is in order. Eulogies may be written in various ways. Some people come up with serious speeches honoring the deceased person while others would rather show the humorous side of the deceased person. The most recommended eulogy is a combination of both since death should not be a reason to be sad but a celebration of a life well-lived. Appropriate humorous anecdotes may be interjected to lighten up the feeling of the audience.

One should devote some time in coming up with a well-written eulogy. Adequate preparation must be made to gather biographical facts about the person you will be talking about. In this case, you should confer with the deceased family members so that you can verify as to the exact age, important dates and places, and other personal data that you need to include in the eulogy.

It is wise to develop a theme to give focus on your speech. You may choose to concentrate on a particular aspect of life of the deceased. An example would be, if you and the deceased were co-workers, then talk about how great they performed their job, their dedication to work and ambition to do well in their career. If you were best friends since school or college, then talk about the good times you had. Do not try to embellish your story with half-truths or lies. Speak from the heart so that your sincerity will be reflected in your eulogy. Your love for the deceased person must be felt by the people who are listening to your speech.

Organise the materials that you have gathered, pick the data that you will need then prepare an outline. By doing this, you will have an idea of how your eulogy should flow. Draft your eulogy then try to edit and polish your work. Practice delivering your eulogy in front of a mirror or a friend in order that you can see if improvements or additional editing have to be made.

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