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Additional Works

Re fixing, cleaning, adding new inscriptions, repainting and re gilding lettering are available on existing memorials. We can help and advise on composing an appropriate inscription for any additional lettering and assisting on any repair and maintenance work.

New Stones

Lettering rates for new stones

swipe Item Price
Cut and Gilded £4.65
Cut and painted on a Polished Face £3.75
Cut and painted on a Sanded Face £4.65
Raised Lead £7.25
Unpainted, Maintenance Free £4.00


Additional Lettering Rates (per letter).

On granite

swipe Item Price
Cut and gilded £5.40
Cut and painted on a polished face £4.96
Cut and painted on a sanded face £5.22
Raised lead £6.12
Raised lead gilded £6.60
All roman Style LEAD letters, add £0.65
Prices include VAT.

On marble, stone and slate

swipe Item Price
Cut and leaded (flush lead) £5.69
Cut and painted £4.96
Prices include VAT.


swipe Item Price
Repaint raised lead £0.54
Repaint on marble £0.60
Repaint on a polished face £0.54
Repaint on a sanded face £0.94
Regild £1.82
Regild on a sanded face £2.26
Cleaning (per hour) £45.90
Digging hole for access (in excess of 8”) £13.80
Expenses (per mile each way) £1.13
Prices include VAT.


swipe Item Price
Price on application POA


Cleaning Memorials

swipe Item Price
2’6” Headstone £92.00
3’0” Headstone £115.00
3’6” Headstone £138.00
4’0” Headstone £161.00
5’0” Headstone £184.00
6’0” Headstone £207.00
Prices include VAT.

Re-erecting Headstones

swipe Item Price
Stones Up to 4’0” £390.00
Stones From 4’1” to 6’0” £535.00

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