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Planning Ahead

Funeral Wishes

Our guide to help you compose a note of everything you wish to be included in your funeral.

When thinking of your funeral, you may have some thoughts on what you would like to have - maybe for the major parts, or right down to all the smaller and finer details.

You can download our guide below.

Download Funeral Wishes Guide

Type of Funeral


  • Where would you like to be buried, in which cemetery?
  • Do you already have an existing plot, if so, in what cemetery?


  • Preferred crematorium of choice?
  • What would you like to happen to your ashes?
  • Scattered in garden of remembrance, interred at cemetery or crematorium or kept by family?
  • What would you like them kept in?
  • Ashes casket, wicker basket, Urn?


  • Direct service only
  • Service at crematorium only?
  • Graveside service only?
  • Service prior to cremation or burial?
  • Venue such as a church, hall, home etc?

Type of Service

  • Non religious, religious or humanist?
  • Who would you like to take the service (e.g minister, priest, celebrant or humanist)?

Coffin Selection

  • What type of coffin would you like to choose?
  • Standard or alternatives such as cardboard, willow, wicker?
  • Specific colour?


  • Traditional option of travelling in a hearse?
  • Alternative transport such as horse drawn carriage?
  • Family cars required?


  • Do you want to have flowers? If so, would you like to include your favourite type and colours?
  • Any particular flowers you don’t want to be included?
  • No flowers?


  • Do you have favourite or particular songs you would like included as part of your service?


  • Are there any particular charities etc. you wish for there to be donations made to on your behalf?


  • Is there a particular venue that you would like for the family to return to after the funeral service?
  • Particular foods, cakes or drinks to be included?

Additional Information

This section is for you to think about or add any other wishes, notes that you feel want to include in your recorded funeral wishes.

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